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Tachikawa High -- Bara, Otohime by wyvernpoop Tachikawa High -- Bara, Otohime by wyvernpoop

Bah! I resized the application to 1500 x 1125 because my drawing was a tad too small for it? So it looked really bad and just tacky so I resized it to fit my needs. I really based this character off of myself because I figured, hey, why not. So if you want to learn more about me personally this is really just me as a whole. I hope I did this right! D: //prays to get in.

Name: Bara, Otohime
Nickname: Hime

Gender: Female
Sexuality: Unsure
Age: 17
Grade: Third Year

Dormitory: Sakuramachi
Club: Volleyball


- She loves to doodle here and there but doesn't plan on making art her career choice.
- Otohime is moderately tired most of the time due to oversleeping but it doesn't bother her. She loves to sleep!
- Food to her is the ultimate pleasure, the best thing in the world. She loves to eat but tends to do so quite slowly to savor the flavors. If it's good, that is.
- She likes to read regular books and various genres of manga. She's a sucker for romance but won't admit to it. But she's very picky.
- Cats. She owns a brown tabby back at home and is drawn to just about any cat she sees.
- Otohime loves to play video games. On her laptop, cell phone, consoles, anything. Her favorite genres are RPG, Adventure, Puzzle, and Simulation. She has a secret love for city builder games as well.
- Singing. She isn't very good at it but she loves to sing when she's alone.
- Horror movies. She has a heart of steel when it comes to scares but she absolutely loves the gore and action!


- Otohime dislikes when people touch her without her permission. Whether its a pat on the back or a friendly hug.
- She has an extreme fear of flying insects and looking up into the sky. She can't lay down in the grass, be in mid-air, or up high and look up at the same time. She doesn't know why looking up in those situations scares her but it does.
- Loud noises. They just make her cringe.
- Being led. She prefers to go off on her own a lot so it's annoying for her to follow others when she'd rather be the leader.
- She really hates the rain. It's cold, damp and feels terrible. Also, the sky gets really dreary.


- Most of the time she keeps to herself. Otohime is mostly described as a quiet girl that no one knows too much about or even of. But with people she's familiar with or just if she feels like talking, she's talkative and loves engaging in in depth conversations.
- She is calm most of the time but it isn't hard to get her riled up. She hates being told she is wrong, especially if she knows she is right. Though with this, she doesn't like conflict much so she is quick to cool down.
- She is very passive aggressive. By not liking conflict, she'll confide in her friends and family to complain to.
- Otohime is generally very nice to everyone she meets for the first time. She is also very polite and will do favors for anyone as long as they are nice to her.
- She gets her work done quick due to her above average intellegence. So she tends to enjoy tutoring others or just doing their work for them.
- Otohime isn't afraid to tell people the truth. She is usually nice about it but if you get her in a mood she'll get really blunt that it's borderline rude.


- Preschool -
This was a busy year of her life and one that she doesn't remember too much about. Otohime was being raised by multiple members of her family and in the middle of her adoption. Her mother was involved with drugs and wasn't bothered to care for her child. Otohime grew quickly to resent her birth mother for the things she had done and found a new mother in her cousin's friend who adopted her the year after. Though she was still able to visit her beloved family on her mothers side but never her mother which didn't bother her. This was a very good and refreshing year of her life but academically slow.

- Elementary School -
A little bit after she got into school was when she finally learned how to read. She was a late bloomer but it didn't bother her one bit. All through Elementary School she got exceptionally good grades and praise for good behavior. She had made lots of friends that she loved and they loved her equally. Though a year before middle school, her and her mother moved from an apartment and into a house. This move was in the middle of the school year and her grades plummeted a bit due to being left back in curriculum.

- Middle School -
The Middle School she went to was huge but it also supported all grades from a normal Middle School and up through Junior High School. In this time in her life she went through a lot of fashion phases that caused her to get picked on for two years of her time here. Luckily for her, it molded her into a stronger person. Her grades weren't the best and she had gotten in trouble with her teachers occasionally for not paying attention in class. She always played outside with her neighborhood friends. They fished, rode their bikes, took walks in the woods, and a lot of other things. Though by the end of this school, they all had moved on to different groups of friends.

- High School before Tachikawa High -
For the two years of her old High School, she had poor grades that were only picked up at the end of the year. She met tons of great people in those two years that she really enjoyed. Otohime was quite rebellious and ended up getting into detention a lot for cutting class. Though at the end of her second year she hardly went to school. So after a long discussion between her mother and father, they decided to transfer her to Tachikawa High in hopes she would better herself in a more controlled environment.

- Summer before starting Tachikawa High -
This summer was the best summer of her life so far. She spent it basking in the sun, swimming in the ocean, hanging out in the pool, going camping, and traveling everywhere she could with her family members. The summer seemed to zoom by quite fast. But she was excited to start her new beginnings and academic studies in a new school. She spent her time saying goodbye to friends and family before she departed.

Additional Info:

- Voice // Kaya Matsutani
- She went to a private school her whole life until now.

"Go away."
"Don't listen to what anyone says about you. Just believe in yourself."


No one! D: Poor Otohime. She has no friends.
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